Posted: 08.10.2013 by SkaR
The official GRWC-Statsserver is back and of course the stats will be updated again :-D

Posted: 08.09.2013 by SkaR
The old GRWC Mod is back online :-)
GRWC Mod 2007

Posted: 23.08.2008 by SkaR
New stuff is available in our Shirt Shop.
Just choose an other category ;-)

Posted: 12.12.2006 by SkaR
Now you can find the Shop link in the navigation bar too.

Posted: 28.10.2006 by SkaR
Now finally available: GRWC-Shirts, GRWC-CoffeeCup, GRWC-MousePad

Posted: 15.10.2006 by SkaR
Some simple changes in the scricptcode has reduce the mission loadtime for ADSL or Cable connections from circa 30-45 seconds to 5-10 seconds.

Posted: 03.01.2006 by SkaR
I have add the new values captured flags (Flags), played rounds (Rounds), won rounds (Rounds) as well as the ratio from it (Skill = Rounds / Wins) to the GRWC-Serverstats 2006.

Posted: 31.07.2005 by SkaR
For a better elucidation of the new effects in the maps, I have made small Trailer: GRWC_Effects.wmv (2,3 MB)

Posted: 29.07.2005 by SkaR
The map "Over the dark hills II" (and soon further maps too) has now thunder storm sounds
To hear this, you should download the soundfiles and extract it in the main directorie of RW

Posted: 05.07.2005 by SkaR
Some good news about Realm Wars:

Posted: 01.05.2005 by SkaR
  • Healthkit with a small new functions and new shapes integrated.
  • In the Texture Editor GUI there is now a preview picture of the texture.

  • Posted: 13.04.2005 by SkaR
  • Once again some new modifications of the GUI
  • There is an English translation of (a part of) the News, simply click on the flag above.

  • Posted: 09.04.2005 by SkaR
    Since a few days, i am still testing another character on the Server

    Posted: 07.04.2005 by SkaR
    There is a new GRWC-Wallpaper from BlaZe in the Downloadsection

    Posted: 05.03.2005 by SkaR
    I am testing Skeleton as new standardplayer for the GRWC Statsserver.

    Posted: 28.02.2005 by SkaR
    I have integrated the recoil effect in the Explobow, so if you want to fly in the mod, just do it.

    Posted: 27.02.2005 by SkaR
    An online translation into English by Bable Fish integrates.
    Simply click on the appropriate flags.
    However the links unfortunately in the English news do not function yet.

    Posted: 08.02.2005 by SkaR
    A new weapon on the GRWC-Statsserver: Powder-keg

    Posted: 07.02.2005 by SkaR
  • A new "old" map on the GRWC servers: Tower Trap
  • Weapon change on the server now possible with F7
  • "Pressure wave effeect" by the weapons inserted
  • Spawnpoint Animation now also in the Deathmatch mode
  • 3 new deciduous trees

  • Posted: 30.12.2004 by SkaR
    There is a new Wallpaper in the downloadsection  

    Posted: 28.12.2004 by SkaR
    The side was submitted to a Facelifting (layout, additional functions) and is appropriate now also (to a large extent) on another webspace, in order to guarantee 100% an availability

    Posted: 27.12.2004 by SkaR
    The GRWC-Serverstats can be sorted now by clicking on the headings accordingly.

    Posted: 16.12.2004 by SkaR
    Explobow and Crossbow modified and the effectiveness increase.
    Additionally the original Stronghold map (Remember the good old times) runs on the GRWC-Statsserver since short.

    Posted: 12.12.2004 by SkaR
    Two additional orc skins in the Downloadsection available.

    Posted: 25.10.2004 by SkaR
    The GRWC-Statsserver is now online again.

    Posted: 13.07.2004 by SkaR
    I have made a litte video of the map "Mountains of Tanimura". To see here: Trailer  

    Posted: 30.06.2004 by SkaR
    For my new map "Rang A Shada", which is straight in the test phase, I packed the additional objects together, and you can download this HERE.

    Posted: 20.06.2004 by SkaR
    Finally it is true: The first GRWC II-Mod Betarelease is now available!  

    More information can you find in the Forum.

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